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antiseptics has greatly improved the function of the kidneys as has been

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old at the time of accident, 3 from thirty to forty, and 2

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has been latent for <Hie or sometimes two or moi^ generations, is an 6k*

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modes of treatment have thus far made no change in the melancholy

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patients who have been to various springs, and from per-

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bactericidal agencies) after a flow of some twenty-five miles " become

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the muscle becomes shortened and the rate of propagation of the wave

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It often caused nausea, and even vomiting, and some-

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involved is dilated, except at the uterine extremity.

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med. Wchnscbr., 1886, xxxiii. 649; 667 — Wolberg (L.)

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first, related by Sir Henry Marsh, the patient had long suffered from extensive

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the luncheon provided, and to the Academy of Medicine for the

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knife, his popularity fled, he was nicknamed " Carnifex," and had

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186. Also: J. de ni6d. de Bordeaux, 1889-90, xix, 271;

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• Located in central Minnesota less than 2-1 /2 hours

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we know of the chemical pathology of the disease and on the blood

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a patient with alopecia areata, in which he is using car-

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gymnastic exercises, is generally still more efficacious for this purpose,

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using it is regarded as a very important auxiliary in the

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hair is preferable on account of its strength, elasticity, pliability,

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in the first place to define the word " disease." He argued from the facta of

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mained was considered as residual gas. In the case of previous experiments,

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ably hypertrophied and dehaemoglobinised, nucleus elongated,

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actually more common in the male than in the female sex ; and it is very

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vention of infection, general hygiene, etc., and report to the

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femur rests upon the illium above the acetabulum, and a complete and bony

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