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we are going to put great faith in Wassermann's reaction then this is a fairly
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worthy of comparison with the antipyretic method, />.,
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have been only a coincidence. After a hemorrhage it is best to avoid
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results of uric acid, are more common when there is no oxaluria
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boric-acid tampons. Duration of treatment, five months. The
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strated the fact that splenectomized mice, if exposed to suitable
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^ Many Greek and Roman authors mention adulterations of
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upwards to its distribution to the muscles of the larynx. Pressure here
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into the room ; she seemed greatly agitated, and repeated a preference
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the ventricle, and it might be thought that the bruit would be traceable
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ate of the University of Pennsylvania, class of '61, at Wash-
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made every two minutes for ten minutes, then every five minutes for
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oxygen, and elimination of Carbonic Acid. The altered blood itself, independent of
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the foramen ovale remains permanently open. When modifications occur
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an attack of typhous fever, which in two of the sons, and in the colored
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startled, he looked pale, fell in a cold sweat, almost fainted away and
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minds of the people. The fakirs of India, the magicians
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of large quantities of water (by drinking) enables it to
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They recognized the fact that the nearest they could
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for Aeir com m^ni cation. In man, accordingly, the expressions
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that he was born with his lips so united that a surgeon
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in two parts. It was found to l)e quite loose and apparently necrosed, and that
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peronei muscles. The tibialis anticus is usually not affected; the
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herbivorous animals and birds, and smallest and least
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through which the sounds are conducted ; (c) the posture of the
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from blisters. For the pain which continues in the side after all detectable
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of stomach origin, though at the time of examination
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irom the accident, he died on the fourth day after his admission. For a
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the method of Schweiiihauser and Cohen, and as is now so common-
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having failed to effect the required conditions found to be necessary.

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