Estrace Cream Xerostomia

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brought out in the general discussion, but from the

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measures of strong sulphuric acid, and 3 of pure nitric acid, for

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Fig. 1.— Best possible posture on admission into the hospital.

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brain, and all serous cavities possess a very intimate and direct connection with tbc

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and serpentaria are appropriate remedies for this purpose. To dimin-

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necessity of transportation to a distant hospital, for in many

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by chills and fever, when he realizes that his arch

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Dr. Hastings Tweedy read a paper dealing with " A Study

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method of treating the stump, the same as in ovariotomy. The

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Fulminating Silver (Brugnatelli's). On 100 gr. of pulverized

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is that in the countries where it is endemic its distribution is not

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with Thierfelder's cases as to sex and probable distension and

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meaning of the term ; and, admitting that he is correct . in believing from his

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were formed during the process of dying, but they might also

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Etiology. — It is commoner in women than in men, and is

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half hour periods of the various days an interesting feature is noted.

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or cunuiliitive action, to denote exclusively the gradual increase of

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Twenty per cent, of the men in the troops which came to Gilgit developed

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the properly selected remedy will give as much relief as any

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sented to the legislature taking the management of the Milwaukee County

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as in all similar cases, conduced to this result, is an interesting ques-

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iodism, together with promotion of the function of the

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it is necessary to relieve the digestive apparatus of all

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carefully described this particular tem.perament or constitution.

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and hypertrophied wall offers a persistent resistance

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A Division of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin

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started off with an enrollment of over 250 students, which has been mate-

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pressure had caused atrophy of the inner wall of the antrum. The opening

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equalled the rates in the. last half of 1947. When the

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unnecessary effort on the part of the gastric muscle, while fermentation

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