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24 hours. He suggests that J gm. (5 gr.) be given as the initial
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In connection with these experiments I undertook the isolated
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in death. It is often the consequence of acute desquama-
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incbes too £ir downward, and the heart-shock and cardiac dulness are
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slowly by a weaker solution. If amounts no larger than these suffice to arrest the
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necessary to establish the fact of the existence of an essential fever?
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given were the cause of the untoward symptoms. This so-
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Undressing is a frequent and often very inconvenient form of automatism.
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old at the time of accident, 3 from thirty to forty, and 2
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liad been re])orted, but he was convinced that in these in-
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There has been a diversity of opinion as to the cause
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Chiburoie du foie et des voies biliabies, par F. Terrier, pro-
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in turn is due to distortion in the skull. It is to the
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anything within reach, and brings the muscles of the extremities,
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sizes, and occupied the mucous coat in the whole extent of the
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downward and the body bends forward from the waist, head
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attack begins with a chill ; then some part of the face, nose, one cheek, or rim of
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may be dangerous to himself or others. After recovery of the mental fac-
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milder affections in which that drug is indicated, but
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Paris City Council chamber, Thnrsday, October 13, 1904, at 3 p. m.
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suggestion may also be offered. If the pulmonary plexus be tlie
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more extended. In other cases the impairment of health begins with pleural
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the mitigated disease of the cow, accords entirely in its character,
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mouth or throat, or from particles of corroding solutions
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In these islands which are separated from each other by nar-
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mason, twenty-nine years old, who, following a blow in
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dependent not so much upon the size of the population as upon the thor-
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the difficult task of curing others in like condition al-
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a decrease instead of an increase in the gross number of suicides?
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the paralysis of the abducens had entirely disappeared, and there was
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M6m. et bull. Soc. de m6d. et chir. de Bordeaux, 1890-91,
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