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eleven ounces of urine. After which No. 14 E. bougie
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fatigue, febrile conditions, hemorrhage, inflammation, and pain — are pre-
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leave to assure you, that I accept this station, and
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of well-established phthisis we often observe intercostal
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on which the society had evidently entered ; he said that the new con-
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present, continues to be heard. Subjective sensations of irregular action of
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or general history. Many devoted to the duties of their calling the
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sician that it came from his stomach or tions. This can be found in any good
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urticaria, and sudaniina, but these are accidental.
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paternal and maternal, had been acted upon and permanently modified
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this condition. The section upon edema has also been thoroughly revised in
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amount had been taken for nearly three weeks that its effect
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individuals during an epidemic of mumps have only slight malaise and
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VIII. Docil, Percheron stallion, 3 J years old -. . 32
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attention to a class of cases in which after a normal labour, on the
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organ from time to time by means of the stomach-pump, and then to
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Until a few weeks before death the laryngeal condition was purely tuberculous,
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saws, and other necessaries. These must be free from dirt, and
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cent, of the cases going to term required cesarian section, and
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Compound of chloride of methyl in ether, the other of
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The third year devotes another term each to botany and
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chief nutrient arteries of the affected part. No real suc-
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The Hamilton Academy of Medicine, met in Hamilton on January 18.
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that such results may not correspond absolutely with those in the
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tion of common salt, bicarbonate of soda or sulphate of soda, then
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injection equivalent to 1 gm. and 5 gm. of carbenicillin. DBactocill (sodium oxacillin) capsules equivalent to
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the thyroid gland and the base of the tongue. In fetal life
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feller Foundation and their appointment should be subject to the

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