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on the blood-vessels and through them on the kidney, he
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was well-colored, and there was gastric catarrh and par-
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the stump of the right tube, or become involved in any
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turates, MAO inhibitors and other antidepressants may poten-
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"A victim of experiment " were the flashing head-lines in large type
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It is believed that the reports for these two diseases represent practically
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during the past quarter of a century. I have so frequently urged the
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bracliial artery in which he tried the treatment adopted by Dr.
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but has gradually returned, although articulation is indistinct.
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who have no serious disease of the heart, lungs, or
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Laburthe is the actual presiding officer for 1889. M. Gillet de
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changes and small spleen to those with slight bone changes and a
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Scarlatina is found in the tropics just as in the more northern latitudes.
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lay is a terrible mistake. The first case illustrates the
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Diabetic absorption of oxygen, as Voit, Peltenhoffer,
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from its attachments, and the stricture divulsed with
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ment if the exact condition is known. No unpleasant re-
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"A mighty Providence subdues the mightiest minds to the service
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to 1984) of 2.76 per 1,000 persons. 1 The morbidity rate
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We have no desire to labour this point unduly, but the question
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otomy for genu valgum requires always a very long confinement, while
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or extent of the ravages of disease — or in what direction the medici-
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It must be remembered that these fevers usually relapse obsti-
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lesions are more or less extensive and difTuse, implicating the central
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side, and the prone position should be adopted at times as a change from
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neoplasma; Ninth, trauma. The pernicious effect of dress-
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rapidly soluble foreign body has got into the air-tube, the surgeon
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number of leukocytes, and then after a few days a gradual diminution.

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