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names of Harvey, Hunter, Lettsom, Gulston, and others,
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weak solution of lysol to run into the ear ; this diffuses itself
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Throat Disease," in the Medical Record of September i,
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disease occurred during the six warmer months of the year.
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TNFLAMMATIOX within the cranium may be seated, primarily, either
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neurosis on her maternal side ; she herself had frequent
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cently given judgment for the plaintiffs, which means
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children within a few days fell ill, and the disease proved to be typhoid
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quartan parasites coming to maturity on three successive days,
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fessiers infantiles. Gaz. m6d. d'Orient, Constant.', 1897-8,
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moved, had been a successful minister in charge of a
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' Houchard : Traitfi clinique des Maladies du Coeur, Paris, 1903,
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means of these sucking-disks that the head makes fast to the
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medical society. Among them — a rare triumph for Mr.
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ilitutes the principal feature of cblorojis and amenorrhcca, but
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velopment. Instances of multiple infection of red corpuscles are more
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pears as a cold abscess due to some antecedent lesion.
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In typhoid fever a temperature which does not exceed any
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completed. From the sixteenth century celibacy was not
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in tho present enlightened age of deniuitology. The author
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employers, e. g., the clubs and medical-aid institutions, that
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not only as an act of kindness and friendship, but really a matter of
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duced into the treatment of glandular disorders, much yet remains un-
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all of them, Malton perhaps less than any other, in their
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nourisliment and stimulants freely, but her pulse had remained
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the latter are necessary for the sick poor. If special wards
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lower portion of each lateral lobe. This resulted in still greater
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the bronchial tubes of an entire lobe, extending from the largest tubes to
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choice have come from physicians, not from patients or
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the bronchial tubes of an entire lobe, extending from the largest tubes to
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ure was burned with the galvano-cautery on the inside of the lip. To apply

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