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The Food. — His special endeavor in the treatment of

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may occur, which is manifested by intense pain in the splenic region. Bryan

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effect. The preparation which the author regards as the most efficacious is

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1897 X, 5a-Cr> — ITIonlaz (L.) Do r<aiclouaf;e de i'articu-

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days. Two years after marriage the uterus was dilated and curetted

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120 Watson-Williams: Osteoplastic Frontal Sinus Operation

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law. It might be considered, that the qualifications in the inference here

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who diagnosticated a pregnancy in the ninth month ; at

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Alcohol is the irritant which most frequently induces interstitial

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very small dose would be sufficient to produce thorough-

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focus; acute manifestations, histologically, can complicate chronic

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freeuse of nutritious food, together with the usual sympto-

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bones of the spine and their malposition or subluxation

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the arteries as in the veins. The engorged condition of the

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tilage and a "loose body," this being characterized by

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extreme; and there is scarcely one that may not induce or be induc-

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devouring maw most or all of the working population of

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in to the thyroid formen and I easily reduced this dislocation,

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it is impossible to tell whether these conditions do exist or not,

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traceable under the integument. The usual number in an

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Dropsy is caused chiefly by atony, or debility of the

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obviate the necessity for the general practitioner to qualify for ordi-

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begun to come in, and they afford something of an index as to what

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morning temperature, and, not infrequently, the afternoon as

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becomes uncomfortable at night and there is increasing discom-

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genus and species of the animal and vegetable king-

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men. Many of this class are talented and well educated, theoreti-

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ment of certain acute febrile attacks. The persistence of the

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than with the rods. Bats are far less susceptible, the white rat being

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As regards administrative authority I act through the Director General

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