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the offspring ; but that the germ itself, impressed with the
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nia, and broncho-pneumonia. The propriety of these changes in nomen-
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them factually reliable, and occasionally supplies head-
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of the fact. The circumstances which will justify a medical jurist in making
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vigilant attention to the local complications that are
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cies of statement. Sometimes it is offensive to the smell and the taste,
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haemorrhagic character occurred in a man of forty-four, who
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low the costal arch in the mammary line. The edge was sharp
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Professor of Anatomy, University College, London. Eleventh Edition, with Illus-
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ever, by no means uniform over so large an area. More
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During the fourth week the abdomen was opened for the
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scribed, coughing at the time, favored and accentuated
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of the cord. The progression of symptoms is sometimes very slow,
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The next case I will call your attention to is also a young
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passed the preliminary examination iu 1S65, and 146 in previous years.
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diseases of the special organs of that system are taken up. Here are
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washed and drained, strong and offensive odors connected with discharges sug-
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wear upon the skin demanded strong skin and Thiersch
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and that the exploratory puncture or incision is to
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entire, the superior border of the shoulder may become fixed against the lower
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Unnatural vices are responsible for a certain proportion of the primary
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when these folds are inflamed this constant attrition
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liver causes no pain ; and the patient's attention is first called to his
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given to Fowler's solution. The after history of No. 28 is inter-
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^ oltenest referred to the region of the umbilicus, but sometimes to the
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to that which the symphysis pubis possesses at the outlet.
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iday in the year. The consulting staff" of the sanitarium
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munication between communities so located, probably

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