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Ernst Nachmanson, Erotiani Hippocraticarum collectio [Goteborg,

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Colonel Brown received us very kindly and politely, saying feel-

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into the causes of diseases, the circumstances under which they are developed,

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the originator of the operation (Stevens). Several cases were sub-

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ton, O., to San Francisco, Cal., and report to the commanding

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bile distribution. When the bile is taken into the blood

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104^ F., and her pulse has always been above 100. She

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their practical knowledge of the individual peculiarities of the construc-

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note the recommendation to exclude active pulmonary dis-

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ered with some scalp constituents and the wound is clean.

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The disease was found to extend throughout the entire testicle, no

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thumb, to the depth of quarter to half an inch. Then

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In cases of this kind it is a question of mental or moral dis-

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is making material progress. One or two physicians have

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become interested in it and begin working yourselves in compiling the

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The object of this paper is to elucidate the princi-

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now held about cerebral localization. 16. The diagnostic significance of uni-

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to quantitate this effect in terms of Yohimbine dosage.

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the other measures put in practice, where there is no evidence

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series the values ranged between 0.5 and 11.5 per cent.; the highest

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age by bending sharply forward the portion of the tube

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u These figures," says the Lancet, " seem to prove that modern small-pox

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no longer recognizable. The hepatic tissue was made up of a certain number of islets,

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county society or the state association or the American

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above the shoulder in the form of stripes which are sometimes faintly traceable to

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cause of cholera, the question would remain to be an-

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keep indoors. He had neither pain nor swelling in any of

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tained after death two quarts of purulent liquid mixed with bile, the cystic

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cnrioas, when we reflect that even in parts whose nerves are severed the nails

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processes to consider : the papillary catarrh, which attacks the epithelium

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regarding all renal disease as depending upon ante-

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But there may, indeed, be a genuine paraplegia, and there is likely to be

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