Estrace Cream Directions Or Estring

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an attack. The intrinsic ganglia of the heart may also become unduly

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mentally, and Avhether those streptococci, which so far have been found,

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devouring maw most or all of the working population of

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Art. XIII. — Observations on Pericarditis. By Robt. Mayne,

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people. Maryland M. J., BaU., 1883-4, x, 425-427. —

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trials clearly suggest an effect on practice patterns, as

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face of the body. The chief dangers of confusion are found in the

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it is any more efficient than a like quantity of water. Where there is much pain

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by way of caution, I prescribed a saline draught (sulphate of

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given, in the most favorable cases it reached ten per cent., at times 12.3

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painful than he now found it, and accordingly we decided

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to one side, draw the tongue forward, clear the mouth

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Among the doubtful points of practice in relation to which we should ex-

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There have been other cases. I have known a man who was repeatedly caught

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History : Intercourse always difficult and painful ;

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weeks and remained perfectly clear. A microscopic examination of

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deposit of blood in the neighbourhood of the lymphoid tissue.

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Hallucination. — An hallucination is a false perception,

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both were given, the latter in combination with dig-

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He says: — " The third position which we have undertaken to

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mixture containing four grains of tartar emetic and one drachm of lauda-

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seen, at Graefe's clinic, mostly astride on the corneo-scleral frontier, are success-

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and no trace of fingers was to be seen. This complete absence

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electric batteries that were perpetually active. Through

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of my friend, Dr. J. J. Adams, who is a gifted young surgeon. We

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1941. Krewson, William E„ 3rd, 1930 Chestnut St. (3)

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and a glass or ivory box without a bottom. This box is

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that a streptothrix was present. Further examination showed the

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