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Kesearches on the Membrane of Corti.— Coyne and Can-

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clearly the lines that the parent or nurse must follow in the

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Auges. Atti d. xi. Cong. nred. internaz. 1894, Ronra, 1895,

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of the spleen may also follow traumatism, perforation of a gastric ulcer, and

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per by a F.R.S. and F.R.C.P., I noticed 'phenomena'

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necessary and mechanical. Darwin very plausibly makes this reac-

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system they produce the phenomena of fever, cold and heat and

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the past season have fallen victims to over- work and no ventilation ; the

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thus induce the optic nerve to resume its function. After she had taken the

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Todd says, " it is probable that the materies morhi in rheumatic

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iday in the year. The consulting staff" of the sanitarium

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The latter were covered with red granulations, but no trace of a foreign

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the great minds and authorities that have dealt with

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sphere to produce hydrobromic acid, setting the oxygen

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children within a few days fell ill, and the disease proved to be typhoid

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ing with colonies of bacilli, absolutely no bacilli are to

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for treatment. Here, too, the author is conservative, though fully aware

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tible individual. Nor is it likely the germ will ever be so thinned out

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Virginia, where it was still believed in and followed.

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middle-aged or old men a class of patients in whom the determination of

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Another proof of the close relation between the two forms of cancer is sometimes

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Treatment. — This will depend upon the severity of the attack and

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taking especial care to restrict it entirely to medical men

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and peri-vascular lymph spaces. Thence they enter the lobular septa,

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ripe and fully-matured mushroom derives the intense purple-brown color (almost

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year 18S9, therapeutical studies on bromide of gold,

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development of the neurosis in predisposed persons (Charcot). Saturnine

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honorable mentions for the best essays submitted concerning original work on problems related to

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and this vomiting seems ail the more suspi- jnot hotter than the rest of the surface, and

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