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On that day an injection of 600 millions was given, which was followed by a
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parts, and the non-implication of the lymphatic glands
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Lateral Currature. The treatment ot lateral curvature by means
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the hard, dense swelling by the Krause-lleryng double
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next segment. The femora and tibiae may be speckled or unspeckled.
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saline fluid is indicated in all cases. As regards the wound much depends
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ble for this state of public opinion, and it seems to me
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almost always to be found in cases of congenital malforma-
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In the other, tracheotomy was also performed, and the catheter was
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of treatment that have been proposed for ever y s ; x hours, uriseptin internally and
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12th June, 19JV. — Considerable improvement. Appetite
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ing brush, hair brush and combs are sterilized each time after being
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tent consultant, gangrene of these organs. I found the
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symptoms of pressure, as the fluid is obstructed before it be-
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and carrying on a certain amount of medical practice. Not
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supervisor of the revenue appears first to have had the charge of provid-
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clinical competence even if all the staff members are not
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of liquor plumbi subacetatis. These two are mixed together and
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katabolism has been offered in cases of phosphorus poisoning. Here
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glad to report that in the first year of the lengthened
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surgeons have had to learn that lesson again. Of bandages,
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and natural heat on the surface, and as vigorous capillary
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overloaded with blood, if the propelling power is insufficient to over-
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(12) Final Examination for a Degree in Arts or Science. London,
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collected in a mass, as being in every part identical. Some day we may suc-
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uterine efforts at half-past 1 o'clock on Tuesday morning (2d
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inflammation of the duodenum, the passage of the bile into this viscus being
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indicates that there was a distinct demand for such a work. The

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