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establishment of a new university in Hamburg. The medical department
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tute of one week, which followed, was a complete success. One hundred
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less of the symptoms embraced under the name hysteria. The cough has been
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be published until the decLsiou of the Council h:is been taken.
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sincere, and many weak-brained and irresponsible dupes and tools who cannot
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Department for Diseases of the Genito-Urinary System.
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commented on the article somewhat at the time, and on the
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apt to occur if the upper lobe be atfected, than if the affection be limited to
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on fourth day vomiting and temperature 105°-8 ; on seventh day coma, some
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side, paralysis of sixth pair. The only conclusion that clinical
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different period, are made use of by the tissue cells for their
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fessiers infantiles. Gaz. m6d. d'Orient, Constant.', 1897-8,
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ferment. All these properties leave no doubt but that
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served the tumor to uicrease in size with consider-
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tical with P. camemberti. However this may appear from examina-
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found that it was covered with mucus, and was quite soft and
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Harvey objecting to the report on the ground that it
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tendency is, (a) to caseation, softening, ulceration, necrosis, and cavity
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paper on cholera which has recently appeared in your columns,
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called his critical period. New experiences follow each other in rapid
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Tecurrence of the former symptoms. He adds— r" Since I haA
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types of cells are associated, would indicate a connective tissue
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including bacteria and chemical agents, which might thus find their way
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strual discharge, that he would not hesitate to remove the ovaries. He gave an
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breathing was much diminished and resonance almost absent. Below the
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year — certainly, one of our important goals, because
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For cultivation, the plates are kept at 37 C. with the cover down, so as to avoid
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tious. lioston M. & S. J., 1897, cxxxvi, 197-200. Alsn. He-
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to the characteristics of the streptococcus; and in all
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30.) A very large number of cases thus remain untreated in the earl)'
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than I think can be accounted for by supposing it due to accidental
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of a certain number of cases. 2. Sex, for cancer is at least
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pathology of phthisis, with the view of ascertaining by experimental
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lessening the secretion, and reducing to a minimum their nutrient
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It is incontestable that, from the earliest dawn of civilisa-

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