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the summer of 1911 he exercised hard. The headaches were no worse. For a year or

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menopause. I have a distinct recollection of two* patients who

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should influence symptoms with such different causes.

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more applicable to compound than to simple fractures, and

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phuretted hydrogen. But nitrate of silver is not a solitary in-

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A dose of 3 minims of liquor arsenicalis, or of the liquor soclii arseniatis,

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The South Shields Board of Guardian.s have Totcd £lOO

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The liability to the disease is not equal at all periods of life. The dis-

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other complaints ; besides, injections pass through the glands with

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their points are directed laterally from within outward,

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garding the functions of the two kinds of corpuscles found in the blood,

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"Time will show you that below my cold, shy and unpleasing

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of acute myelitis. Lancet, October 3d, 1868, p. 451.

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history of urticaria. It must not be forgotten that a somewhat similar

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of medical study, as taught in the colleges, and conveyed in

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(2) Sudden and total loss of vision is not always due

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important to remove as rapidly as possible any of the food

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used. It must be intimately and well mixed by stirring it with

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medicine than the people in Tuscaloosa. "He is practicing

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" After a letter from the Minister of Labour, recognising the

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their importance is best shown by a closer examination of the inhibiting power

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morning was sponged all over in that water — the dregs

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brought al:)out. ^Ye have to pay especial attention to the possibilities of

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We have, in our review of Bennett on Tuberculosis, ex-

estrace 1 mg fda

is clinically a vast difference between these states which we thus

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" The surface of the body generally was oedematous, but

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balancing herself when her feet are put close together ; mus-

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4. Confession. — The subsequent conduct of the person : he seeks no

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voice becomes slightly hoarse after considerable use in speaking or

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times so that the patient will not know that he has the trouble.

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without having regard to the influence they exerted on the

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I have known them to constitute the chief ailment for some time before otlier

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tation, of course, gives an area of greater transmission of ray, or a

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monument of antiquity. The celebrated passage in which the

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