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Physique perfect. Seen Aug. 14th, with inflammation of middle ear;
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lymphatic tissues are especially developed in the neigh-
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are unmistakably diminished under its influence. Speaking for
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represent the church dignitary for whom the work was
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It was Jean Mayow in 1669 who first proved that air was not an
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for imputing mental unsoundness; but in a more advanced form of the
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Disinfectants, or germicides, are agents which destroy
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tion. In one very neat octavo volume, extra cloth, ol 208 pages. $1 50.
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tical with P. camemberti. However this may appear from examina-
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muscles of the perineum from the urethra or from anything else.
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reaches. And auscultation must have its value estimated in
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proceed with any given case. Chronic lesions in the female are
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wished that cancer always attacked the eye, as it could then be seen and
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emaciation, pallor, gastro-intestinal irregularities, and so on. Such a child
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tients with ARDS lies with the use of immunotherapy to
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latter was read in part by the Secretary, and re ferre d to the Committee
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hand, ordinary muslin or similar material can be sterilized in the
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symptoms are manifest and distressing, the other in which the disease
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reflex sensibility) . The sensibilities are at first excited and perverted, and then
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same and adjudge such prizes as the Society may oiFer ; and to pro-
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This work is an admirable treatise on diseases of the eye, and
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fistula on the labvrinthine fluid, and therefore on the crista of the
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unpleasant effect Usually taking smaller doses for a few days,
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be multiplied and carried farther, but no good purpose would be served
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undergoing contractions and relaxations. In a case of Brindeau's [9]
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does not coagulate until it is exposed to the atmosphere.

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