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This is due to the secondary hydrolysis of the peracids into hydrogen per-

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hands is derived from the fact that these members are

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particular case I am quite certain could not have been diag-

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Anodyne. See Aconite — Cannabis Indica — Cajuput-

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often become separated or loosened. Haemorrhage from some branch of the

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the war, and one of the posts he had occupied was that of

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may give a false idea of the time of greatest prevalence. The disease is so

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the resolute facing of the world as it is, when the

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countries especially distinguished for the zeal, activity and proficiency of

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importance they may occasionally require excision, especially when they

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ooze from the cut tissues to poison them.and retard union. I do believe it is

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fabric to prevent slipping and is then subjected to regu-

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TREATMENT. Aconite. Hetention of urine, with stitches in the

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is ashy gray, shrivelled, wrinkled and inelastic, and covered with a clammy

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eases it should prove of great assistance, as the book contains

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lege of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Faculty of Surgeons

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of some of my friends who have seen the specimen, have

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the mitigated disease of the cow, accords entirely in its character,

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cause toward the intestinal canal. Shortly after this publication, how-

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different forms," so as to enable us to estimate and

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degrees withdraw the canula, in the hope that a suf-

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responsible for a very large proportion of ophthalmic casualties.

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flexure. Occasionally a gradual closure of the intes-

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modifications, some of which prevent the precipitation of the cuprous oxid and thus

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Although gastric pathology is emerging more and more

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ring. That, with a dilatable aorta, an unusually large quantity

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activity, and consequently that it is not brought into relation with the

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