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TABLE 3.— A Comparative Study of Cerebral Embolism

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amination work for classification of the flier; two, examinations for

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of a bougie through the internal os. Dilatation is contra-indicated if the

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culties ; but I beg to be permitted to say a few words re-

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whenever the sides of a wound can be In short, Professor Pirrie, like many other

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77. Langsjoen PH, Langsjoen PH, Folkers H, et al: Long-tern efficacy

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would lead me at once to begin the treatment of the anticipated

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delirium. She needs to be held in bed, and exhibits great strength and

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very latest views of the leading American Eind English specialists in the various

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gory of syphilitic disorders ; and it has often been met with also

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(cortical epilepsy), of Prentis (three cases of postinfluenzal cerebral

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Mother (in train) : "Tommv. if vou are not a good boy I shall wliip you."

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transudates, and the toxic substances associated with the bacilli.

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University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, 1984.

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from their eyes. This is because their eyes being too flat, the focus is

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The following report of a case, copied from the New York Medical Record, is a marked

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general shaking up to which they would be subjected. The

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followed by a symposium on exophthalmic goitre, and at 5.30

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about 50 to 65 per cent, of an L + dose of toxin to

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to (/, 3 Fig. 3) the arched fibre field which interpolates itself between the nucleus

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and many valuable hints and suggestions as to treatment are

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readily and promptly, for the most part, favored by grav-

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analogous to autolysis following necrosis, hence the results to be

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existence of the alcoholomaniac. It is his only hope.

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and 267 cases occurred in Hamburg. During 1861 rabies

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the full amount of the doctrine, — a doctrine which the author,

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loss of an index finger should disqualify a man for employment on

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and n'one of those cases were drained. He describes it as

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retention; it is not irreconcilable with the observations that in some

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Med. Wochenschr.) A few drops of the amyl nitrite with a

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Guernsey, and when, through the violence of the flame (so the

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