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or from an animal source. There is no invasion period, as in eruptive fevers,
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remained, but he had latterly lost flesh and became very feeble.
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patient was seen again and it was learned that for some
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lation, and to preserve that state of cleanliness ot the persons of
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fact that the northerly winds have a freer access to modern than they had to
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with this the convulsive movement began at once to decline in in-
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derived froai abdominal drainage. Again, when we con-
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dexed in: Biological Abstracts, Current List of Medical
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in the said hospital for the treatment of inebriates.”
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This is a common and well known plant, growing in sandy places
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caiions, should authenticate them with their names^-of course,
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•was useful. It is, however, I feel sure, worthy of a trial in
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nate it may be in whole or in part, stabihty and value is
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tion from Dr. Peters, he said that the statistics of mortality
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were injected into the vein in the left arm. After this he became
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market has been changed from a huge fat 3-year-old, weighing up to
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of producing a tonic effect. These ideas are so thor-
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having this great food-supply free from contamination. It is estimated
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tion, and which result from the efiPiision and its subsequent reabsorp-
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sections from the colon has confirmed the nature of the infection
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Some years ago a similar case occurred in Guy's Hospital. A little
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Dr. SxoiiRAii moved, and Dr. SuAurEY seconded, " That
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the flow of saliva, causes a catarrhal condition of the eyes, and,
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Fenger, the teacher of Nicholas Senn, which was accordingly
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6. — Harris gives extended notes of 3 cases of blood-
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tion of vaccination, and that a friend was most gravely alarmed
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' Practical Observations on Certain Diseases of the Chest, etc. American edi-
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former hemiplegia, very little difficulty in speech, and able to
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she improved rapidly, became bright and coherent, and
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