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there were some explanatory letters on both sides, which are to be
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ly, when the whole strength was on, the numbness would have
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where he lies on his side and chest, close to the edge of the
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tion always. The reader of the paper, therefore, paid him the highest compliment in
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Fauces, Larynx and Nares, and on the Method of Performing
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than an active factor in effecting pathological changes. If we were
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frequently been mentioned, and I am satisfied that I have
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be taken from a very fresh egg, as physiological observation has shown that
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These ^ had all been day laborers or had deferred drinking till they began
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even, but shows very slight elevations and depressions, which meet simi-
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of his business as perfectly as ever, but he felt a dislike
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not accessible by the air." — (Watson's Lectures, page 81.)
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third day, although morphia was employed more or less
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part of the mastoid bone, the whole outer layer of which was
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hills of the Himalayas to the basin of the great delta of the Ganges,
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when we bear in mind that the motor portion of the first dorsal root, to-
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the morning unless he was supported by another person, or could lean
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of forty odd summers. When fifteen years old she had an alarm-
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Teisiiiicr. l)e la valeur de I'indice c6phalique dans V6pi-
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necessary to employ a strong acid ; in such a case nitric acid, care-
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strength of the heart and distension of the A^essel ; AA^hen AA^anting, it shoAvs
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ly— -the mouth is sometimes drawn aside towards an ear; froth is
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cured. Once they returned to the walks of men, he ceased
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amount for an ordinary meal. If this quantity be boiled in
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Hygiene, Dietetics, Pathology, Surgery, Bacteriology, Ophthalmology,
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observer and of the patient, are necessary. The observer should, if
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S both in the male and female, there is a very near approximation in fef
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forthwith nominated to one of Her Majesty's Ships, or to a

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