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in cash or kind for their testimonials. Many barrels of bad whisky
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percutaneously by means of a small flat cathode over
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Treatment. — While everything might be repeated which
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noticed the remarkable fact that people who are inveter-
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re-apply more of the Belladonna. Do not use rough treatment,
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On subsequent bacteriologic examination of cultures
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wonderful improvement on my sleep has continued, and the
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gout is generally easy. Gout is more usual over thirty. The frequent
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blood not properly aerated; occur at end of paroxysm. Diarrhea,
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tibia six inches downwards, exposing the bone in the greater part of its extent,
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impression that I have injured my patients materially.
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tion of the blood ; 3. The intestinal excretion. The primary
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in water. It has been hitherto considered that m all ^ B ^ f *^^3
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and keep wet with cold water; keep on throughout the day and
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Society of University College, London, Prof. Clifford Allbutt delivered an
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crable, and points out the urgent need of sanitary reform in
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raised, 1 found the pulsations of the heart much increased in strength,
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in absolute alcohol, soluble in water, and not destroyed by pro-
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ning of the running suture, and made to emerge just opposite
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At present the great majority of those cases are sent to the Hos-
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absence of the pneumococcus of Franked, and they have found other
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courses" read"Mr« full courses;" sixth line: for " ftwJ full
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Fannia Robineau-Desvoidy, Hylemyia Macquart, Hydrotcea Robineau-Des-

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