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solid part, coming from 66,000 persons, only filled one
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results. The fifth generation gave a like typical result in
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fect and systematic cultivation of theoretical Medicine among
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I'os et de la ealue du tendon. Bull. Soc. anat. de Nantes
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Uropoietlo (i(i''ro-poi-<t'tc). Sebretingurine ;
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perhaps, by reason of the importance of my secrets, employ some of
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ship; Dr. J. E. Greene, 1885, Marshville Dr. A.J. Crowell, Dr. S. M. Crowell, Dr.
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be watched during convalescence period. Optimistic as to future. Increased
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pediculosis from scabies. The clothes should be baked in an oven at a
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prey of numberless quacks and scoundrels of all de-
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to result from the injection of virus, the virulence of
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from the hospital on the tenth day. During this time there
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face in syncope, or in the suspended animation of the new-born ; the
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ber elected to the U.S. Congress, state legislature or exec-
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' . Cases illustrative of the various conditions de-
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He had never found them in anajsthetic patches, but
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By Major Leonard Darwin, President of the Eugenics Education Society
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dered the usual blister and hot- poultice treatment. The
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granular) are found. In the serious forms there is finally complete anuria.
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genesis of these and other forms of haemolytic anaemia, and even on
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partment of State at Washington, D.C., has received
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she had a violent attack of convulsions, and this was fol-
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to itself, is progressive and fatal. The pallor increases, the feebleness
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" The physician, the lawyer, the school teacher and the
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iSmall blisters, from time to time, are recommended. Collections of soft
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along its moving armies there ever rings out the hoarse,
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in order that we may preserve our national existence. To lose means
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such as rheumatism, neuritis, effects of nerve and arterial changes,
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time the subject has rapidly expanded, and its great
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Case 2. — Miss L., aged 21, entered the outpatient depart-

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