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afforded by the Jaeger type, the next demand was for more
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Gen. Abe Buford, committed suicide. The Bufords were men of intel-
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longer a menace, and had taken their place in the com-
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suffered a severe secondary hemorrhage. The importance of ex-
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I wanted to get out of my coat ; to sit, in fact, as Sidney
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diet and climate. The disease does not shorten life except in so far
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pressure increases very shortly after the crisis occurs. The pulse then
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foetus is more often born alive, but soon dies of malarial
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one cancer could not be derived histologically from
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prljice ocni; kyklitis specifica. [Very unusual case of
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form of paralysis seen in Japan. But lateral sclerosis
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expanding force of inspiration, so as to balance the amount of
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the colon, were received into the remaining portion of the colon, and the
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Figure 1 .— The graph shows the temporal sequence of the Po 2 (•)
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ent viscera of the abdomen is sometimes liable; as with the in-
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REFERENCES: 1 . Kales A, et al Arch Gen Psychiatry 23:226-232. Sep 1970
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exercises were held Nov. 4th. Degrees were conferred on twenty-three stu-
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wm kill the old woman. Then Chakijane came and said, "Hey, Grand-
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disease, the suppuration, tuberculosis, or syphilis. There is also an anaemia,
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his cases he should have a stenographer and type-writer,
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formation of a pleural exudate, so that in spite of the dyspnea or, as Gerhardt puts
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Walter L. Bcrrage, M.D. for the Massachusetts Medical Societs/
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the removal of this crying evil. His speech on moving for an
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appeared to make little difference whether they took blood or
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■where the rigidity has lasted a quarter of an hour.
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Pcrs Returned to Duty from IIosp. AG: 705 (5 Jul 44).
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guage which he must use and can learn perhaps more easily
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so much for the general practitioner as for those who de-
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250 diameters linear, it was found to consist of — 1st, numerous mole-
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usual. He was subsequently attacked with inflammation and ulceration of the

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