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and completeness with which cold destroys the special cause of the dis-

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than all the other exciting causes. He contends that

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to fly, no matter how perfect the compensation, not only because of

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had had a chill. Pus was found, which showed streptococci.

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those in which the infection, after the first febrile paroxysms, remains

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out any fear of hemorrhage. The narcosis is not inter-

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cellular exudate. The emigration of white blood-cells does not exceed

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so afflicted. There is ' a grim satisfaction in knowing that a

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The rationale of the formation of gall-stones is not understood. Pro-

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from it. Properly graduated breathing and gymnastic ex-

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Symptoms. — The long continued discharge, which varies in

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astheresult of experiment the discovery that the raysof the sun,

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of a coarse-grained reddish-brown substance, in which several shining cystals

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formed the quinine habit, and he has found on inquiry

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pears to have resulted from the great expenditure on disinfect-

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Must be a Member of the CoUege of Sui^eons of London, Dublin,

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should be made a misdemeanour, punishable by fine, for any

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of renal concretions are still unestablished. We may infer not a little, however,

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all the eggs have been discharged, the rosette tends to become light

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ton's line, which means that it has moved upward and forward

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yield to operation almost without exception, as do the

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1889. By R. H. Chittenden, Ph.D., etc. [Reprinted from the " Medi-

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of removal of the thyroid gland see Cachexia Strumipriva.)

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sooner than the controls. Rieder believes that the expecta-

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Surgeons, whose duties are to carry out the Professional part

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