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in fever. Even the abuse of drinks of the simplest and most innocent

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is that the more extreme conditions appear to result

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quentlv and carefully observed since he was first seen,

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other unnamed fissures in the subfrontal region. There

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1 Report of House of Lords Committee on Poor Law Relief, 1888, Qs.

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ganzen gleichartigen Sendung ausgefuhrt wird (§ 12 Abs. 4 ebenda)

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of such a case in the school, is to notify the parent or. guardian

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1854 than in 1849. To give you some notion of the desolating

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through whose kindness I have been able to read the clinical

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had been the outcome of using a spray of a weak cocaine solu-

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or their surfaces remarkably dry ; adhesions of the duramater

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Alimentary Glycosuria. — Normally the ordinary carbohydrate

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comparatively recent cases in women who gave no neu-

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integration of tissues, pyrimidin bases are formed. Nevertheless,

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thoughts of those who are interested in the various branches of

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of contact of the two liquids (reagents and urine), and this test, when carefully

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from extensive and often long continued disease and who are there-

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the regents of the university conferred the decree of Doctor of Medicine

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mils, the latter being collected in siiccessive portions of three hun-

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gest with a gentle heat and filter. Melt 1| oz. white wax and

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proved, not only that the kidneys (even when healthy) often fail to elimi-

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duty in the Department of Texas, and will, upon the expira-

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hitherto paid to it. It, i^ well known \>> numerous charlatans, who

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may be held that in passing tlirough the absorbent mucous mem-

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before there was any pain in the head, while the patient was yet only

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and still continues to attract the attention of the jjio-

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245. On the Treatment of some Forms of Menorrhagia. Dr. Lwnbe Atthill . . 234

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erally followed the operation; G. That the stimula-

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1655,) and from gangrene to extensive effusion. It is this act of

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a simple and eflfeetive method, though hardly homeopathic. —

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