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Hartung: Die Serumexantheme bei Diphtheric, Jahrb. f. Kinderh., 1896,

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action so rapid that local abscesses do not have time to form before

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escape, for the purpose of carrying off the bubbles of air

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In glancing over the volumes already published, one is struck by the

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rence among those who give exhibitions of sparring and

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excessively rare. I have seen but one case of it, and

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tion of whatever operations may be found necessary.

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of success is to learn the exact mechanical conditions under

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prevents suppuration ; softens the skin ; allays the

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withheld, until a repetition of the emetic be deemed advisable. And, in the

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Before proceeding with an account of the organic lesions that have been

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FoK the first time since its foundation, a comersnzioiic was held

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This distinction is not altogether satisfactory, to my mind, because it

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Treatment. — The treatment has been described under Syphilitic Cerebral

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life by supplying proper and sufficient food and by surround-

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[eriod», and if the limb is carried in a dependent position.

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going symptoms arc addeil those of an inflammatory implication of the en-

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dulge. One child screamed with fright until all her

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that the parents belong to the same stock. Although in externals they

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Council is Mr. Joseph Swan, so deservedly well known

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in the right than the left. Skin is hot ; perspiration copious. Urine is alkaline

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however, is as nothing in the estimation of homoeopaths : we

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Extractes des chinesisclien Eninienagogon Tang-kui (Man-

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sion ; they also lower the temperature ; their eftects,

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Fort Dodge (Iowa) Medical Society. — At the meeting of

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anteflexed. Convalescence rapid. Menstruation before

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particulars may be obtained on application to the Dean. Successful candidates are required to

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rai palpation, the method employed by Edebohls being preferable: "Tlie patient

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