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of fibrin, vibrating in the blood-stream. The prognosis should

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Hemorrhage in the medulla oblongata is extremely rare, and is quickly

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per cent. Thus, though the presence of tetany renders the

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rent variety of causation, the proximate cause is perhaps in most

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tion, that it could hardly be touched." It is believed that this, amongst other

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They possess most active regenerative power: hence, when

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on the supposition that the vermillion would be used only as a pigment

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Ames, Roger Post, contract surgeon, is granted leave for two months.

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low fever germs. Proc. Quarant. Confer. Montgomery,

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(a) It is applied to patients with malarial fe^'er who are in the

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Os IinroifnrATUX, Innkr Surface. — 1, Rough iliac surface of sacro-iliac

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has been interposed, such as motions to make the complaints more

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with mucilage of gum Arabic ; a wire is next passed through its

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and suljdiaphragmatic abscess ; autopsy ; a possible case

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is a practicing physician in Naugatuck. In the commun-

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always in giving a positive report, when a more prolonged and expensive

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The microscopical report states that there are extensive degenera-

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work will have to be changed," which in a skilled or semi-skilled

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first position. The child was premature and dead-born.

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missed diagnoses in the perinatal period. When an untoward

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C.\.SE VII. — C. T. v., a physician, aged 41, consulted

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size, extending from a point corresponding to the alveolous of

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phone's ring and the nightly hallo. All other professions and occupa-

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gents and caustics, is the effect produced upon the j

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