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The Medicine Men made extensive use of the vapor bath, in what is called
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James Adams in the case of a child of eleven weeks,
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of the blood produced by pregnancy. A misconception was for a long
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with the proper quality and quantity of atmosphere, this most
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unless the laws of the animal econoniy are subverted, a permanenl cure
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tending from the occipital bone to the last cervical
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These Klebs-Loeffler bacilli are found chiefly in the meshes of the
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excitement of the brain, he has seen much good result," hydrate of chloral,
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Illustrating relative mortality under different modes of Treating Pneumonia 738
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session at Constantinople. The discussions are charged
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adopted tlie ingenious device of observing in animals the degree of fulness
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nection with the history of the other hand muscles in a later paper.
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streaked with blood. There was no rise of temperature. She
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ever suffered from it previously. The dose of the desiccated
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This interference sometimes manifests itself by lessen-
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tion of the blood, and the distribution of the chyle,
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not since given it in larger doses than ten minims three times a day. In
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asked by the patient or by his relatives is, "What is going to
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While recognizing the great ability and disinterested-
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ologist, from whom we have learned that we can do better work by asepsis than
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infraclavicular region. The patient continues to keep a
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who has at least one Medicaid claim. The problem is,
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involved is dilated, except at the uterine extremity.
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these the mixture or substitution of potato starch with the
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Allin, M.D., 1313 Fish Hatchery Road, Madison, Wis.,
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and peri-vascular lymph spaces. Thence they enter the lobular septa,
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lead with opium, exactly according to the direction given by Ritscher,
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Graduation Term the following candidates, after the usual
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(I to 1000), and close it with a little collodion ; then
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588.2; Ranke," 656.0; Hammond," 670.6; Gentle, 512.4; Warnecke," 520;
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bus assembled six times and in accordance with the law

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