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with what enthusiasm Tamier had demonstrated to him the

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the bacilli of Eberth may have found access, were present. There remain,

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outgo of nitrogen in the urine in the period immediately after the crisis

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volume or the vital capacity. Now the vital capacity

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to be the principal conductors of the serous exhalations, (see

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pass into the lipoids of the central nervous system. It has been

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Murtdi, 1485, of Petrus de Aliaco, made famous by the praise

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Priesthood, as comprehending the wisest men of the nation; they

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and made a diagnosis of acute traumatic tetanus. He

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the easy accomplishment of the deed. The wound itself,

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time, that months* after the infection is spent the number of red

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the time of their admission to and discharge from hospital.

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Versicherungs-Gesetz) . ■ This statute originated with Bismarck

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He also mentions the peculiar purplish discoloration of the skin in the same case,

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mon garden parsley, is a very good diuretic, useful in

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bearing the test of time well ; in selected cases in the

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having taken place, recovery is effected by the separation of the 1

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also Abyssinia are relatively free. The western shore of the Bed

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program for his patients should develop a protocol that

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increased to 120 for a short time. Two hours after taking

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Do not be surprised at this. Pleurisy may exist without

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of hip-joint disease, I shall allude to the case of a child,

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1865 to 1871. 4to, pp. 296. Washington : Government Printing-Office,

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ruary, 1900, fourteen months after operation, the fol-

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