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absinthe (leaves?) keeps snakes away, etc., etc. Almost all species

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so interesting, both as throwing light upon the character

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practice in the University of Pennsylvania, was always governed by the

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and the ends cut short. The silk sutures are tied alter-

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Chinese medicine, like philosophy, rests on a dualistic basis. At the

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Keats, tlien 15 years old, was apprenticed for five jeixi's to a surgeon

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arms which compress the artery against the clavicle or against the subclavian and

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though capricious appetite, and was inclined to walk out of doors. At this

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evening rise of i to 2° F. being observed. Finally, some

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minately snipped with scissors, delicate sawings with

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or oil ; organic substances containing nitrogen, as albumen, fibrin,

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be destroyed, otherwise germs included in masses of material

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curred at the St. Mary's Hospital in July last. It was

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rence that they must be familiar to every practitioner. They

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very. — Dr. Woods, R. N., records the following remarkalile case: —

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of corn twice a day to each sow, but try to put on flesh with other feeds, giving

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somatic symptom of neurosyphilis. It usually appears early and is

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fore the N. E. Indiana Medical Association, the re-

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The fourth school is the Philadelphia College of Mediciile, which

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affected. The affection tends to a favorable termination. Cases, however,

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Lungs: Slight impairment to percussion at both apices, generally

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results. Its action in fever is very certain, the sec-

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drainage. Moreover, the water-supply of the cars themselves is

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