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the same disease since she was a child. The attacks

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*From the Laboiatory of Bacteriology, Medical Department, Washington

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portion of white corpuscles is increased — a fact of interest in

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old, and, except for his emaciation, was rather a handsome animal.

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and ether. — Wiener medizin. Presse, No. 27, 1892, p. 1 100.

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cases treatment is usually without result and the diabetes

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When it occurs, it usually makes its appearance from two to

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notable exceptions. It is seldom that a school board has re-

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rubber cup, attached to a graduated coiled spring. The action of the

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ral hydrate, 3 to 4 drams. Chloroform inhaled and swal-

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ator placed a pair of pinces de Pean upon either side of

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travelled five hundred miles, and was very anxious to be

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tion, the stimulation of the glands does not terminate with the leaving off of the medi-

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some dissections which he has made of subjects who died of te-

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Philadelphia and other Pennsylvania cities, has caused the New

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out our beloved country, and from every city, town and hamlet from the Atlantic

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them out. If she keeps straining after womb is replaced, give as

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he drags at his chariot wheels the discoveries of other

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must be given hypodermically. It is highly improbable that any of these

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receives in exchange the worn-out material, carbonic and

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In his valuable work on nervous diseases, while speak-

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quent to the sectio. Dr. M. then submitted what to him appeared, on a careful

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ability, with permission to go beyond the limits of the depart-

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who are not now and then, if not often, caught at a loss to know definitely

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decidedly less, there were attempts at a skin-forming

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hered to the substance of the lung, over a space about an inch

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cell) gives rise to the new being which begins its existence in the

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The questions which Mr. Newport proposed for examination, were :

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