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1873. Wills, Thomas Munns, F.R.C.S.I., J.P., 44, Morton-road, Bootle,

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4. Whether Schaudinn is correct in believing that the eggs of the

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testified that in 1832, and in 1848-9, the dissecting-

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relieving suffering, in modifying and curtailing the course of

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by causing a distortion of that organ. When there is a marked cystocele

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There is, of course, large opportunity for deception, and

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4^ Communicatiom solicited on all Medical and Scientific

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ments made on living animals, the real properties of active

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him to go to the hospital, and in the course of a month he was

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Avrong. If it were otherwise, there would be no need

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Although not adequately studied, enough is known to show that the

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easily while in the radially deviated position. Thus,

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And again, by taking it to be composed of an R and an

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The question whether, in a dicephalo-disomatous monster, the two beings

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peara in old age. It frequently outlasts the period of child-bearingi

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Public Education Association and the County Medical

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handle of the scalpel ; the ureters are also isolated and ligated

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of the ball by the use of Nekton's probe, made a free

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> Several writers, o. «. Eberle (Trcathc on the Practice of Medicine, 1K.30.). Thomas in

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Men who are already qualified and who desire to obtain a knowledge of Homoeopathy In addition

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the primary injury and in those portions of the cord which

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