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proportion of cases, febrile movement, more or less marked, precedes the
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of life) he recommends the use of a 2% to 2.5% solution of fluoro-
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hydrochloride and bicarbonate of soda, while in the
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substances, while the ureter carries from it a concentrated solution of certain
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pressed iwith the conviction that the general principles of phy-
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18th. — Wound redressed ; small quantity of pus in it. Pa-
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and resolve that slavery is a great moral, social, and political evil. But
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78, 1880-82, 1886-88, and 1893-94; in Chicago in 1860-65, 1869-70,
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tality. While perhaps few of the patients die from hemorrhage,
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Varieties in cattle. — In different kinds of animals the symptoms of in-
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destroying its value as a study in form, size, etc.
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one case with the eruption. It was a papular erythema,
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after the commencement of labor and thirty six hours af-
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days when it fails to produce a marked improvement. M. (iuignier, without attaching
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at another point. The barbed end is then cut off with a wire cutter
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berculosis, malarial, or intestinal diseases, and none will
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brown through metabolic changes, while on the other side of the organ
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obtained a cure of the syphilitic mischief by means of mercury alone. Iodide of
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the arteries ; in consequence of which the left ventricle becomes
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by loss of flesh and strength, and there had been Jaundice
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an cedematous condition may be present, with flakes of lymph along the
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the English language have appeared w ithin the last few years,
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held its annual meeting at Somerville, April 27th, 1854. Dr. F. 8. Schenck presided.
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weeks in all tissues except kidney and peritoneum, where it
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ment. Our regular session begins on January 2d, and will continue sis
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ment, limiting the period for which a soldier enlists
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gen of the atmosphere. The arterial blood must, therefore,
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I remember an instance that occurred during my student days
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close the raw surface with fine catgut. Then remove
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through the tube, this was withdrawn, and with the forceps several portions of

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