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such indications, — the true cause of the spasm being either

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membrane of the alimentary canal. Used in " nervousness,"

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If regeneration of the nerve and muscle should occur, gal-

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wide at the heel. It is made upon the alligator-jaw fashion,

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for use with the instrument. Both jaws of the forceps are sawn

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and the trivial character of certain points of distinction which he mentions

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tends that rheumatism may occur as an abarticular as

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should be digitalized and/or treated with diuretics, and the response observed closely, or

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or at least of preventing successful invasion. Under certain altered con-

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treatment; recovery. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1896, ii, 839. —

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cranium was exposed, a large quantity of a milky fluid was

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" 19. That the establishment of Foundling Hospitals for the free

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literature of the various reported immunizing and curative agents in

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Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in the St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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as it is on the sign of a general practitioner, the custom thirty

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lation with the nervous plexus of the abdominal organs, and since,

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prevalent to such a degree that the synod of the Church of Ire-

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laugh and play whenever the occasion offered and not

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Louis and Cincinnati and the whole Mississippi Valley. In October it

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of the cord. The progression of symptoms is sometimes very slow,

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saccharine and non-saccharine substances that deviate the light

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Clark once in 248, and Ramsbotham once in 805 ; whereas

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precipitated the substance, but had formed an emulsion

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insanity following operations on the female genital organs. Among

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Strychnia, in small doses, has a very beneficial influence. In some

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they do not afford speedy relief, Phosphorus should at once be used ; or»

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Connexion between disease of the Heart and Hypertrophy and Disease of the

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ferred, drank well-water, and not James River water.

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roots, and of transmitting motor impulses to them in return

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and through molecules of matter. The short, the violet

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