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spare and active people who live plainly and spend a considerable portion
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ture. Wherever one looks he finds an article on " Ma-
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general mortality of the city to the unprecedentedly high rate of 32
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the so-called syphilitic antigen consisting of acetone-insoluble lipoids
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sota doctors: “We’re not asking you to fight our
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expressed which follows the -implanting of the vaccine virus, the
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ask a (juestion about the inflammatory and other conditions which had been
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lack of definite symptoms, but this very lack of definite ear
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proviiled with a relatively long, sharply pointed tail; the vulva is in the
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This substance, formed in the blood, has the property of
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ance with a law recently passed in the Reichstag, leads
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Unnatural vices are responsible for a certain proportion of the primary
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been necessary to refuse many worthy applicants for admission, owing
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Dr. Schachner : Trusses will disappear when radicle cure is better
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the legs were drawn upward. The thighs of the child pressed the womb
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incurably blind. Mr. Critchett i:)oculated this patient's eyes,
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salt and cayenne pepper upon them, and broil upon one of the
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consumed in the ultimate cells ; and as degeneration in-
estrace cream instructions strength
descending degeneration of the crossed pyramidal column.
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eyes. A horizontal tendency only when the refraction is the same. When there
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on the 15th and IGth inst. The secretary announces the following
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of sweet almonds, 40 parts of gum added, \ Wales who are blind. Taking the whole
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The hemorrhagic diathesis probably involves either a deficiency of
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I opfer the folio-wing case for publication, as the result of the
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days. This preparation is made with one part of gold leaf, one part
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the fermentation test. Placed upon treatment. On Novem-
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cathode closure. A necropsy was not obtained, but the fibrillar tremors, the
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startling one. I did not know what the type of injury was,
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bed, was delivered, a face presentation making a tedious
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The Conjoint Board in Scotland. — Fee for six months' laboratory course, 18

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