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fever in its course ; nay, it has been doubted by many whether, even
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with rough movements — wrenching, pulling, and twisting.
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folds should adhere and its cavity be entirely obliterated. And
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of the disease checks the night sweats, and relieves the hacking
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the battle within the walls becomes a struggle for life or
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may be of service for the purpose of making a definite diag-
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labor, the natural valve-like action of the vulva and the
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were developed. The facts relative to these fatal cases, even according to the testimony
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clinical history and morbid anatomy are opposed to the theory of its
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appear to show that a predisposition to cancer seated in the stomach may
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Michael,* be rare, with their result of permanent paresis of the thyro-
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1 Allbutt's System of Medicine, vol. viii. pp. 150, 151.
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cient, and it is necessary to employ more or less artificial food. Now it
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new bone-substances; (G) the ulna, which was the bone
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some have left issue before going to their death. It is
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scabies. For it is red, hardish, and corrosive. Hut it differs from this, because it
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Late investigations seem to show that not more than one-twentieth
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nected with other organs than the heart, and are due to the irritating effects
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weighed less than one-quarter of a grain (.215) and
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Three or four hours after giving oil, give the following:
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panophthalmitis in 2 cases, and in I there was irido-
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Med. Press & Circ . Lond., 1877, n. s., xxiii, 01.— Talbot
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effect. bears to the amount given is scarcely consistent with such an
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the spirits — to stimulate the lethargic — to repress the superexcited—
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adhere very lirndy to the surrounding parts and rapidly re-
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grams in priority areas which the Society would like carried
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the kidney, verified at operation, has been made. Whether we

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