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resemblance of this case with the cases of central myelitis with

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occurs under 5 years of age, but not frequently. Cases are less infrequent

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tives in Congress if and when such a bill is introduced. In order to do

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like wash-leather, and may ultimately be detached en masse. In 1858, Dr

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syphilis, it is becoming more generally recognized that the neighbourhood of

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Association and a number of employees retired after

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97 New Oxford Stkket, London, W. C. Agents por Australasia, Sydney, N. S. W.

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constant are straight lines within the limits of experimental error.

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on the outer table, and the edge is bevelled. The bone around the tubercular

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and most severely. The metallic poisons usually affect only the anus, and

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fighting men the military losses for 1942 probably were

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the disease attacked princiijally, if not wliolly. those

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the quarantine chain is to be measured by its weakest

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Unna recommends in rebellious cases the superficial application

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University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio,

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cross Hospital, has been appointed Surgeon to the St. George's aad Sc

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I would like in all cases to learn : i. The sex and age

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cerebellum or its peduncles. Finally, cases are met with in

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plays the leading role. The saint is always S. Sebastian, only because

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To sum up: "We find that the acute exanthemata were distin-

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trace whatever of a morbid enlargement. Two years later

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stitute leucocythemia, is not uncommon. According to Yirchow, the

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Macgregor, but Professor Penny had to drink the powerful stuff

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visit to Indiana. I left on Friday afternoon, and returned on Monday morning,

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ous to dyspeptics, unless used instead of butter, with

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stained by Gram showed a few staphylococci, and cultures on ordinary

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recognize the physician and his friends and very slightly moved the fingers

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Our author also adduces the occasional association of abscess of the ovary with

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