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same kind of remedy again become equally necessary. She was
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often be found advisable to leave the semilunar carti-
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ihe temperature at one foot below the surface. In this way nature
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duration, which had commenced by an acute "stitch" in her side.
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Influence of Alcoholism. — There are six times as many
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The war strain and influenza epidemic have undoubtedly lowered the
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increase of the fibrinous constituent of the blood, as in acute inflammations generally.
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District of Columbia. — Dr. H. P. Walcott. of Cam-
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vaginal Caesareotomy might be done as the last heroic measure.
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is suggested as specially convenient since a laxative is usually indicated
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between the so-called "typhomalarial" fever — about 7 per cent,
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disease. As to whether the patient was albuminuric before pregnancy
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through the urine. He reminds us of the recommendations of the «r
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fractures may be produced either by a direct or an indirect force.
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and in acute miliary tuberculosis there is not even a rational plan of
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value of the method has now been established by many
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age, and more so in males than in females. It is very difficult
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lesions were found in the liver, lungs, or kidneys.
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ratus, or even the weight of its own body. For such a condition it
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as well as in many other things. Now I suppose we have
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and convulsions soon after its birth, was confined on
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who was standing near, reached out her hand for the envelope, but was
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Bronchitis and Emphysema. Exhibited by Dr Alexander
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necessary for its relief. Sleeplessness is a more important symptom, for although
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immediately gave exit to a hissing stream of gas of characteristic odor, and
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to enable us to pay the physician, say three dollars eacli, for
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tion is rife, and, as ]>illroth has asserted in his last work on
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Transference. — The poison of enteric fever may be conveyed into the
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practicable, the operation should not be deferred beyond that age.

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