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i^hat it is no longer suitable for their multiplication.
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petitioned that it is desirable that they should be
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Alvarenga, and amounting to about $180, will be made on July
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has been gone some time. I do not know any way. What
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with a very large majority of the Practitioners in England.
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of the outbuildings connected with our s ;hools. Teachers have looked
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estradiol is made from
in exophthalmic goitre it is one of the principal symptoms. In these cir-
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to divide the facial nerve at the point where it emerges from the
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to relapse — Dr. Mandl has succeeded in curing, by painting the
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the mucous membrane may be corrugated, and stained black or of a dark
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temperament and of rather slight figure — had always enjoyed good
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itself call for comment, and it is sufficient to bear in mind that
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Causes — simple— complicated : Proximate ; Remote : Predisposing — ^race,
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2)recedes the swelling. The hind limbs are more frequently
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Dr. Ranch said there was no doubt that cars could be sent
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occasioned by the deficiency of potash in the blood, and
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Every physician, especially in the army or in court, in all cases in
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Resolved, That we will ever cherish the memory of Dr.
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sion had no representative body to which the Industrial
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posed to ari^ sometimes from acidity in the stomach, when they
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veniently divided into two classes : (1) Those who go out merely
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malaria or lead-poisoning, conditions having diagnostic criteria irrespec-
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History : A most intemper.ite man ; had gonorrhoia thirty
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It not infrequently happens that the tumour presses on
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test was given 68° douche in both right and left ears with same sub-
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Medical Society o{ New Jersey, Allenhurst, Jane 26-27.
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been boiled. Hofmeister recommends that the gut be rolled tightly on glass.
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not seen fit to even ascertain the names of his brother practition-
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house, and, more, he was the village wheelwright and sleigh
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It often caused nausea, and even vomiting, and some-
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diately adjoining its original property, and, after making the

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