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cians and dietitians trained in the care of diabetic children.
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stands, supported by his crutches, his foot in extreme
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course. He also became affected with the girdle sensation,
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On September 19 he was given iron in addition to Kobertson's
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logical condition of the muscles is a point on which turns
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benzol mixture. A drop of the blood to be examined is also placed in the chloro-
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Symptoms. — These may be exceedingly irregular, sometimes advancing
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till some years later that I enlarged the plan to include the
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right eye with excessive latitude of motion of the left eye
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convolutions, and to points immediately contiguous.
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disease is scarcely ever communicated in well ventilated apartments ! Where is
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Rarely does an empyema pulsate in consequence of the com-
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rhage — where there is a clear history to be obtained of chronic
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By the action of those frequencies which penetrate and
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Thirdly, persons who are suffering from wounds are extremely prone to
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or less, and many almost constantly, from functional
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wife of 'W. B. Beatson, M.D., Inspector-General of Hospitals in
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clover raised in gardens stewed in the oil until the juice is all out;
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that early mobilisation tends to the production of callus, but
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to Hebron in March, 1797, and in the month of May followinfj made
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partitions being thin, it is impossible to prevent great confusion of
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well done by his assistant, and to avoid ; in the orbit. Immediately on the comple-
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by the vistas of possible conquests in the future which are opened

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