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in a way, I hope, to be of some little value to general

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The Assembly has planned another interesting postclinical tour to follow the 1956

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form of the malady, and suggest the dependence of both on a commcm

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tions are sufficiently well marked to make this unneces-

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If separate bullets have been used, their exact size and

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bad, and his general health much deranged on account

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there ought to be some definite rules for the employment

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— which consists, of couise, of the promoter of the scheme,

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the reticular network of the muscle is built up. The union

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hours. This dressing is simple enough, gives great comfort, and is un-

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untenable, tliat the horse-pox theory has not been disproved, and that the

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and vomiting appear. The urine is suppressed, and the constipation is

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myelitis is cervical or lumbar that the diagnosis in reference to this

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/3-oxy butyric acid is in all probability present. To be certain we must exclude the

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and then notes are compared as to the conditions found.

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A high atmospheric temperature, long continued, appears to

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rately accelerated. The lymph from the extremities, however, is no

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on the evening of — say the 18th of March, 1848, and had not since been

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flammation attendant on a bruise or other injury with unbroken

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decidedly less, there were attempts at a skin-forming

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to puerperal urajmia, that I advise you not to wait for

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Endowment of Research. — During the last quinquennium, as

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horse. In this case the husband rescinded the contract by

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well to recognise that no fever hospital, however modern, how-

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liestlessness is one of the prominent features of the

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Work on Tuberculosis, by E. R. Baldwin, Saranac Lake ; Action of

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tion. The working-class, other things being equal, are a better

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say and shown how to say it in a deliberate and clear manner.

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