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liver more often than in the lungs, but Dr Wilson Fox observed little
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of a quarter of a mile an hour, attended and goaded on by
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under which she laboured than these letters, which are selected out of a.
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tion of the turns of the spire which existed at the moment of
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ease. It acted well in the former but failed in the latter.
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long-continued purulent discharge, afforded the best hope of a satisfactory result.
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■■'"^'' tlH- ,na.„„d proce., ua^ any ,nndc-. TIk.c piano are of ,re„
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formation of spores, and because it was experimentally demon-
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subcutaneous injections of glycerinated extract of the capsules, will be
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we first remove the large mass of fluid by aspiration (not by tappiug), during
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ward. Several such patients operated on by us were previously diag-
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of "mushroom poisoning". Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 188.3,
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was moderate swelling, due apparently to simple edema,
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layer of the soil contains most of the disease germs and spores.
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the physician first consulted. If familiar with modern diagnostic
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f. Gi//icek. xix, 1.) refers to the case.— Ed. Chron-
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not a croupous form of scarlatinous phlegmasia, carries with it great
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Write for testimonials, pamphlet and literature. : : : : :
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as the right had been. She could only just 5 they are at present. The advance of surgi-
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"The eruptions which most commonly appear to follow the anti-
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with very great risk, far in excess of the probable benefit ; that,
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plicated cases showed a remarkable tendency to improve,
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4. Quiet and rest. Tranquilizing influences about patient. Un-
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inflammation or effusion within the head. They have violent
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in health, in exceptional cases from 9 7" 5 to 9 9 '5''
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Etiology. — It is commoner in females. It may be con-
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deposited each day leads to accumulation of weight in the tis-

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