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shaped organ situated in front of the rectum and behind the blrdder.
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the Apothecaries' Society responded. Dr. Cholmeley gave
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Diagnosis. — The accompanying febrile symptoms at once dis-
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there was distinct improvement, and details of these
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A large poultice of hops was applied to the wound, which was nearlv
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form was discovered by Guthrie in 1831. But, though
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nose flattened ; the nostrils dilated ; the teeth become loose ; the gums
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Hour-glass contraction of the stomach: A, cardiac portion; B, pyloric portion.
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the melting of the solidified medium. The gelatin is dissolved in the
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lower than that estimated for Europe and America. In the colony of
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and has never been extensively practised in France.
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consideration. Consecpiently, while we have a pretty uniform
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in each group in whom the radial, brachial, and temporal arteries
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to prove that there is a portion of the placenta in direct communication
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Terms, $4.00 per Annum, Postage prepaid by the Publishers.
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may not overturn it. A rack seems indispensable, and the
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" Resolved, That the thanks of the American Medical Association are
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The treatment is, of course, symptomatic, as the cause is unknown. Nu-
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the case that immediate resolution followed from simply
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ferent origin. The maximum effect at second injection is obtained
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register all pregnancies with the local health officer? Then telline
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Chief 8 A Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals must h.ive served five
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of the tibia. At the lower angle of the after our patient had been completely nar-
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when their seat was not such as to involve any of those parts which were
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against thirty-five and thirty-seven in the two preceding
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treated by my colleagues in the biology lectures I doubt if ten
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cerebral and the coronary vessels is of the greatest clinical importance.
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Ouachita Baptist University, B.S., 1981. Medical educa-
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only in consequence of the precipitation of the iodine in a molecular
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Thus, this does not seem to be a significant contrib-
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