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formed through proper channels that the physicians of Wis-
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will also serve to distinguish diphtheria from other nasal conditions,
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otomy for genu valgum requires always a very long confinement, while
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weak, and had a temperature of 102.2°. Examination re-
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striking than in most other infectious diseases, whose either mild or
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intestines than of dropsical effusion ; no part of the abdomen was ten-
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illustrating the metamorphosis of the filaria in mosquito by the
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practice of giving castor-oil when they were giving large doses
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ment of four cogged wheels moved by a single crank.
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he reported is one in which I had given an opinion. We microscopists
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cines for sale, but even trade in sponges and tooth-
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iron and quinine improved considerably in strength. The
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behind, and better and more uniform results have been
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arsenic ; he endeavors to attribute them to a general cause, to a special dys-
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l5o6.] Bjford, Cases of Contraction of the Uterus. 351
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those of typiciil actinomycosis although not of a jirogressive character.
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changes. Tissues may increase in size as the result of ef-
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as to be only recognizable upon microscopical examination, or it may be so
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right and inward. After due preparation of the patient, the coccyx
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toneum did not suggest that the ribs had been invaded from either the pleural
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speaker proved that he was mistaken, but he never, on that account, indulged in a
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muscular sense — this being most marked in the limb corresponding to the

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