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The diagnosis in this case had been dilated stomach with

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of trypsin in the intestine by taking particles of the feces obtained after the ad-

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in the face. — Twenty-one cases of smallpox and thirteen of varioloid have

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Complications," the second edition of which has been recently published

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After all the precautions above enumerated had been taken,

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incorporation of the farm-colony with the system of State

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.been the age of the patient, and in all the forms of dysentery; and 3. In certain

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of parenchymatous nephritis in which headache and vomiting or other

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ately. I should not have ventured to use it in this

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By James Spenoe, F.R.S.E., Surgeon to the Queen in Scotland.

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balance of respiratory movement ; muscles of inspiration and expiration

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some future time to treat more fully of the matter.

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in the hollow "churchyard" cough that meets the ear. In

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nent places in the army in preference to those who have had

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upon the subject, divides alcoholism into six different forms :

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tution of the blood has been shown to depend on its regular per-

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goras taught, that the soul has a body, which is given to it in accordance to its good or bad

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with any day, and I am yet in favor of resection. It

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possible. On close examination I found that she had a capillary,

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Pinard states the matter concisely thus : " We must admit that,

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The administration of general and other forms of anesthesia with related

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which are correlated to and associated with it, and that

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lays claim to having cured several cases of epithe-

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looks anteriorly advancing first, with a lateral obliquity, in a

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Dr. Foltz next proceeds to detail the results of his experiments,

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