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emolUent oil, they retain their peculiar antiseptic virtues
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Pericardial Rub. Analogous to the pleural, the pericardial rub
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ner, as after the coarse food of a day-labourer ; and have also
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passages, oesophagus, and bile-duct, and the peritoneum may be affected
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surface of the arch would be perforated. The author exhibited several speci-
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dyspepsia, neuralgia, headache, backache, anemia, nerv-
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Association for the Promotion of Social Science— A Treatise on Diseases
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butchers have been washed ; and by watering with infected
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the following interesting case which came under his
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nal meatus, Schwarta holds that no fungus can grow on healthjf
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necropsy material. The first of these (Case 2) had been diagnosed
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in other anomalies than in disturbances of digestion. If there be also
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the countrv begins with sickness, and I requested Mr. Lambert,
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sphere, and ionization. It has been found difficult to study these fac-
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the catamenial secretion, and occasionally it has been known to produce
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Ixxii. lino 1C>, for inisshitppen read nii?«liapen
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took daily a pint of bitter ale and one or two glasses of whisky,
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sity throughout the respiratory act. The thrill was
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le average one dollar journal, and contains far more matter of
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of lead, on the 20th of September. He took one grain daily, until the 24th,
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of the cord following a blow or fall, no lesion of the spinal
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entertain concerning the nature and treatment of disease; but
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" The contraindications are so briefly stated in the joint report
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may give a false idea of the time of greatest prevalence. The disease is so
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clear soups are useful chiefly as preparing the stomach

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