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and of excretions. They are the minimum requirement for students of medicine in

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assured of this, that you will have no sympathy from us in any

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- " Du Pronostic et du traitemcnt de repilcpsie," Paris, 1852.

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scolouration. The body of a person poisoned by strychnia may therefore be

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insufficiency; p. 353, in regard to the presence of a pulmonary pulse;

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has illustrated it by cases in point. Thus two of his patients had paralysis

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symptoms are : great emaciation, with craving appetite; enlargement and

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ease. In the second case it is found under the feet, later in the

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5. Organic alterations of the valves are almost always in the left

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t Verncuil, Arch. Oenl. de M61., 5me. Serie. Vol. 10. ISSr.

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there is a cell increase of which 90% may be lymphocytes.

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The skin consists of two layers ; the cutis vera, derma, chorion,

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Society, April 30, 1885, walking perfectly flat on the soles

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manner as that I sent, which I wrote for the medical

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there seems to be no one organism alone to which this complication

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itself." {Researches into the Pathology and Treatment of Asiatic

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occurred to anybody north of the Tweed in connexion with

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the kidney sometimes remains as a shrivelled sac, retaining few, if any,

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(49) that its effect on desertions is doubtful ; 79

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grasp the general direction and distribution of some of the

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tpejeau 11 pcenceap 12 jrulle liyt ppemaft 18 healice.

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A large poultice of hops was applied to the wound, which was nearlv

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tliis ; and again a relapse comes on : but mark the difference, we have

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partment of State at Washington, D.C., has received

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of the granular bodies to which the term tubercle was usually applied.

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I have no records of many absolute counts myself, but my impres-

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should be lightly applied to the ear plate without leaning the head upon it. Tilting

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Here also we may mention the not infrequent occurrence of retro-

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everywhere. In no better way can Dr. Cowling serve the pro-

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scum unite to form minute filaments. I do not think

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