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of these dietary measures to the point of making and maintaining the
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and is said to be relatively frequent in Switzerland. It is apparently
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Association be requested — not instructed — to move for
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trnve developed in the funnel-shaped mouth of the hair-follicle, and
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or destroy great numbers of people. These two marked and strik-
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Experience has shown that what is called lead paralysis, or loss
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about the angles of the mouth, in the folds of the neck or of the groins,
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with his apparatus, using crutches till the foot was cured.
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section of the brain we cannot discover any foci of old
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the hand, but some five days afterward I was called in to amputate on
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Mr. President and Members of the American Medical Asso-
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with indigestible fibre renders it more easy of digestion and absorption than meat ; given per rtctum experiment and
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Hospital, Professor of Surgery Trinity College, 26 Lower Fitzwilliam-
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out augmentation or diminution of bulk in the muscular parletes.
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neck, want of breath, giddiness, fainting, prostration, and stupor. Sometimes
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no discussing this point, as it has been well proved in war surgery,
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endeavor to determine the effect of tuberculin T.R.
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denly. Soon after the reception of the poison, in many subjects, there
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The class of medical literature to which this volume be-
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be difficult to determine the exact origin of a malignant growth, and in
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has reached its height. The urine contains quantities of detached
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exemption from phthisis. The disease prevails to a much greater extent
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sustained tax increase on all tobacco products is the single,
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The absence of throat symptoms, the fact that the papillae of the tongue
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and favored further bv analogy, since in the case of syphilis, a
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sometimes of an obstinate nature, until special treat-
estrace 1mg cream uws
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about 80 per cent, of all diabetics. Other interesting papers
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monument of antiquity. The celebrated passage in which the
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Stokes remarked, wanting the leaden hue of gangrene of the
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How many Becurrences Indicate an Operation ? — Dr.
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Atrophy of the Spinal Cord. The foregoing lesions within the spinal
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mean to say that the fever of intermittent differs fix)m other fevers in

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