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artery and its smaller branches are often distended — doubtless related

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A little five-year-old girl was presented to me for examination with the

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so septic as to be beyond the reach of surgery. But I

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citement of preparing for a journey on the part of children or those

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had been the case for four days, the slightest thing given

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1899. xxiii, 151-105. — ITIorc answers from candidates for

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may then ossify, or not forming fibers at all it may develop into a

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ner, whose school mainly excels in coloring. Color,

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the dilation of peripheral vessels and the resulting fall of blood pressure as

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continued for several days, artificial or forced feeding becomes neces-

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hemorrhage or starvation, delirium sometimes occurs,

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iting. Hiccough and eructations of gas are not uncommon. The appetite

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in Chicago, beginning September 25th and ending October 9th with the

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a total disappearance of the latter when left untouched,

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anticipating power of his mind. We confine ourselves to this

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justifiable, even in an early case. Of course, in cases of glioma in which

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Mental and Nervous Diseases, New York School of Clinical Medicine,

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the nature of their labour, which is restricted to fo;ceful

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tional question of the care of those dependent upon the

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for its high incidence in communities which it attacked,

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on the development of the intestines. He was able to show that in the

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nary galvanic battery and current controller. He had got into

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surgeon should avoid touching the auditory ossicles.

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Episcopal Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Jan. 1, 1899, giving

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mode of origin of the so-called filth diseases. But it is the

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sought for more often than gross alterations of bone detail.

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atric Society at Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles. Sat. Contact: Eve

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hands in a solution of chlorine, prior to and after every examina-

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to advertise for agents and give premiums. The appli-

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mind had, to a great extent, lost confidence in the old Allopathic

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a fracture-box surrounded with bran. The advantage of the

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