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In comparatively young people, where the fracture is simple and trans-

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Health should take up this question of pork inspection,

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Special Beturn D. — (1) Daily number of typhus cases in war territories :

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amination and the selection of glasses, and this might as

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and alterations in the myocardium are often met with as the

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focation, resembling those of croup. A certain por-

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Dr. MiLLlGAN said he would operate by one or other of the methods

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meets with the nuclei described under Glosso-labio-laryngeal Paralysis, and

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have failed. Surgery must be resorted to. What shall we do

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the 19th century found the science of medicine, on a firm and

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Medical Science). — The patient, aged 16 years, was admitted to the Richmond

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Thirty-fourth Street; and Dr. II. G. Klotz, 222 East Nineteenth

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coming on in young children, with acute symptoms, and for the most part

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stretch, which could then be divided, the cellular tis-

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best), a white streak soon follows, lasts a minute, and

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old. You will note that they have grown still larger and have now

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readily effected by means of a leather anklet made fast by rubber straps

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all over Europe, was due to the conditions which existed in the troops at the

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side of his face began to swell, and so rapidly did it proceed, thai by the

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Apothecaries. The scheme which was agreed to originally

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been described by Koch, who called it the " bacillus

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marked tracheal tug, which was one of the signs he never failed to look

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months has been the writer's personal experience in the mat-

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per cubic millimetre, and 86 per cent, of haemoglobin. On neither occasion

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being inversely as the intensity of the compression.

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much mistaken, there are very few if any Fellows or

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